Semiconductors and Optical Materials

Downscaling of devices in the $249 billion semiconductor industry, with widespread products ranging from electronic components in computers and electronic gadgets to optoelectronic components in lasers, solar cells and LEDs, has reached a point where the structure and chemistry in semiconductors has to be controlled at atomic levels. Achieving such high level of controllability in the fabrication of semiconductor devices requires feedback from advanced characterization techniques.

Here at DTU CEN, we apply a wide range of cutting-edge electron microscopy techniques including Monochromatic STEM-EELS, STEM-EDX, Tomography, Nano Beam Electron Diffraction (NBED), Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) and Off-Axis Electron Holography to characterize, understand and resolve key issues at nanoscale in different semiconductor systems. To understand electrical and optical properties of semiconductor devices, we characterize them under electrical biasing and optical illuminating conditions in-situ in state-of-the-art electron microscopes.

The semiconductor group at DTU CEN is thriving as we collaborate worldwide with other active research groups in the semiconductor field on exciting projects such as nanowire-based light emitting diodes, nanowire-based solar cells, diluted magnetic semiconductors and quantum dot-based light emitting structures. We pursue new collaborations with research groups and industries involved in the semiconductor field throughout the world, and welcome researchers and students who are interested in applying to join us.

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