Tecnai T20

1) Booking

Each Tecnai user can book up to 2 SESSIONS in advance. This means that users can have only 2 SESSIONS booked for the future. It does not matter how far in the future the two sessions are booked.
E.g. sessions can be booked for today & tomorrow, or today and Monday next week. Once you have 2 sessions booked, you can't book any more. As soon as you have finished one session, you can then book another. But you can never have more than 2 sessions booked.

2) Sessions

A working day is separated in sessions as follow:

Main sessions:
1st 08:30-12:30
2nd 13:00-17:00

Unrestricted sessions:
3rd 17:00-03:00
Public holidays

The Unrestricted sessions are not included in the “ 2 sessions in advance” policy. However, only experienced users should consider working afterhours. Technical support is provided ONLY during the DTU working days and hours.

3) Cancellation

Communicate with Cen and among other users. If you cancel your booking send email to Cen-All.

4) Special requests

If you need more than 2 sessions in advance, you need to send your motivation reason by email to Adam Fuller.

5) Guests

Your visitors and/or trainees count as separate users and are entitled to their own “2 sessions in advance” policy. Mention both the visitor’s (or trainee’s) and your own name in the comment line and be sure to select them as the persons to invoice.

6) Special booking

Only Cen has the special rights in the booking system due to special reasons e.g. maintenance, trainings, projects, workshops, courses.