In-situ Measurements of Dynamic Effects in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Christian D. Damsgaard
Staff at DTU Cen: Jakob B. Wagner, Thomas W. Hansen
Funding: CASE

This project aims at performing in-situ measurements of the dynamic effects occurring during heterogeneous catalysis. The work at DTU Cen focuses on constructing a controlled in-situ transfer interface between an environmental transmission electron microscope (ETEM) and other in-situ characterization systems. An interface to an in house in-situ X-ray diffractometer analysis system (in-situ XRD) is designed and constructed as a first choice. The transfer interface consists of a custom built sample holder that seals the sample in a fully controlled gaseous environment at a given pressure. Furthermore, the sample holder controls the sample temperature during transport between the in-situ XRD and the ETEM. By establishing such an interface it now becomes possible to bridge some of the gaps between ETEM and experiments carried out during conditions that resemble the operating environment as much as possible. It is, e.g. possible to perform sample preparation at higher pressures while at the same time obtaining structural information on larger sample volumes prior to TEM characterization. It would then be possible to perform long term experiments, the purpose of which are to reveal effects such as sintering and aging of catalysts in the in-situ XRD system. Samples may subsequently be transferred to the ETEM under controlled conditions for further inspection at various stages of the process. This will ease screening and characterization of catalyst candidates as well as optimization of already established catalyst systems. This approach is novel and the CASE initiative, combined with the expertise and the instrumentation at DTU Cen, helps to create a unique and promising platform for research of this kind.


Micrographs (ETEM) obtained at different temperatures.

Christian Danvad Damsgaard
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Jakob Birkedal Wagner
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Thomas Willum Hansen
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