**NEW** Cryo-TEM of Nanoparticles in Liquid

Electron microscopy can be used to study nanoparticle behaviour in liquid on nanometre.  For the sample preparation, as nanoparticles in liquid are dried off on a TEM specimen grid, they would have different configurations (e.g. aggregates) from the original particles distribution in liquid. This technique involves freezing a liquid sample instantly and transferring the sample directly to an electron microscope column. In this project, there are two major interests: (i) how magnetic nanoparticles in liquid form ordered assemblies with/without external magnetic field and (ii) how nanoparticles aggregate in liquid for further crystal growth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Use a transmission electron microscope
  • TEM sample preparation using a cryo-plunge method
  • Quantitative TEM imaging process

Open to: Bachelor, Master and Special Project students

TEM image of FeNi magnetic nanoparticles “in liquid” after fixation.